Cam Lang


The Concrete Vineyard by Cam Lang is a thrilling murder mystery, packed with wit, suspense, and historical undertones. The novel is set in Ontario, where on the occasion of Canada Day, a revered history professor, Edward Mitchell is found murdered. It becomes a point of heavy suspicion as to why someone would kill the 91-year-old man. Bryan Dee takes up the case hesitantly and pulls in his urban planner friend Kris Gage to… Read More

Today, Feathered Quill reviewer Risah Salazar is talking with Cam Lang, author of The Concrete Vineyard. FQ: How did you come up with The Concrete Vineyard’s unique plot? What was your inspiration? LANG: My novel has a very complex and layered plot but all the events, situations and scenarios that occur within it are things that I have witnessed in my profession as an urban planner (except for the murder!). Although citizens tend to focus… Read More

“The Concrete Vineyard by Cam Lang is a superb, slow-burning cozy, murder/mystery.  Drenched in historical memorabilia and modern-day quandaries, this is a ‘who-dun-it’ with substance.   I’ve got to start by saying I applaud the author for cleverly entwining a really great murder/mystery with the world of urban planning corruption and municipal politics. The two things are woven together with extraordinary artistic flair. The story opens with the murder of Edward Mitchell, by… Read More